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Biological crop additives

    Increases crop yields by loosening the soil and activating soil bacteria.

Biological feed additives

    Feed additive based on plant extracts for increased yields.


Biological animal husbandry additives

    Ammonia blocker.

Biological crop additives

Increases crop yields by loosening the soil and activating soil bacteria

Over the years, the demand for foodstuffs has risen rapidly. This has resulted in the intensive use of farmland and overfertilisation of the soil. By contrast, PGE FLORA FORTE leads to a multiplication of natural micro-organisms in the soil and hence a fourfold increase in soil aeration. The soil becomes looser and its water retention capacity is enhanced, thus facilitating optimum root growth. Consequently, PGE FLORA FORTE provides higher crop yields in a natural manner.

Over the years, the demand for foodstuff has risen rapidly. This has resulted in the intensive use of farmland and over fertilisation of the soil.

  • Improved microbial activity

  • Substantially increases soil aeration

  • Better water retention

  • Better root growth

  • Optimised nutrient availability

  • Improved fertiliser utilisation

  • Higher crop yield

PGE FLORA FORTE is entirely manufactured from natural raw materials and stimulates the multiplication of natural microorganisms in the soil. These organisms produce “micro-ploughing” of the earth, which creates intensified plant root growth.

The plants can thus absorb a greater volume of nutrients and grow faster, providing an increase in crop yields of as much as 60%. Apart from the enhanced root growth, “micro-ploughing” also loosens the soil, thereby raising its water retention capacity.

This prevents the leaching of the available nutrients. Moreover, this has the beneficial side effect of reducing fertilizer impact in the ground water.

Long term experience dating back to the 1970`s, as well as numerous global studies and tests have confirmed the positive effect of PGE FLORA FORTE. Moreover, the low quantity required ( approximately 3 liters per 10.000 m² ) provides a thoroughly advantageous cost-benefit ratio.

The advantages of PGE FLORA FORTE:

  • Increased soil aeration
  • Improved root growth
  • Optimised water retention
  • Improved fertiliser utilisation
  • Higher crop yields


Biological feed additives

Continual population growth and the resulting increase in food consumption demand intensive farming. However, reduced individual animal productivity is the consequence. Livestock is more prone to sickness and this has a detrimental effect on weight addition.Using PGE BIO GROWTH based on natural raw materials, feed utilisation is optimised and enhanced and weight gains are improved. In addition, stock mortality rates can be cut dramatically.

Feed additive based on plant extracts for increased yields

PGE BIO GROWTH is a feed additive used in stockbreeding. The product is unique in the sense that it considerably improves feed utilisation and related weight increase. Moreover, the improved health of the animals leads to a corresponding fall in mortality rates. The toxic gas ammonia represents a problem during stockbreeding, as it is present in both the bodies of the animals and the air within the housing.

PGE BIO GROWTH significantly reduces the amount of ammonia created and thus cuts the mortality rate. The energy previously required by animals to detoxify their systems is saved and can be utilised for faster growth. In addition, PGE BIO GROWTH has a positive effect on cell permeability in the digestive tract. Feed is better utilised and energy absorption optimised, leading to a sizeable increase in weight.


By the use of PGE BIO GROWTH the following effects can be achieved

  • Ammonia reduction

  • Reduced feeding cost

  • Improved feed conversion ratio

  • Improved weight gain

  • Reduced rate of mortality

  • Resulting in higher yield

The advantages of PGE BIO GROWTH as exemplified by poultry rearing:

  • Shorter growing times
  • Better feed utilisation
  • Lower mortality rates


Biological animal husbandry additives

Ammonia blocker

A healthy environment with low levels of ammonia and other toxic gases guarantees ideal conditions for both people and animals. PGE additives help to minimise these negative factors. In addition, labour and energy expenditure, as well as detrimental environmental impact, are all reduced.

Ammonia is toxic gas by the use of PGE BIOPROTECTOR the following positive effects can be achieved:

  • Improved working and environmental conditions

  • Reduced rate of mortality

  • Improved weight gain

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Better meat quality

  • Higher yield

Ammonia blocker
Reg.No.: AT 6045

Technical Data:


clear transparent liquid

Main components

organic compound with multifunctional groups ( plant extracts )

Dilutability in water


Active substance



2 months. Keep containers closed. Store in a dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.




Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Clean hands after working with the product. Avoid oral ingestion. Keep away from children. The officially authorised Research and Test laboratory ISEGA Aschaffenburg, Germany considers PGE BIOPROTECTOR as harmless.

PGE BIOPROTECTOR is diluted with water approximately 1:4 before application. The solution is sprayed on the surface of ammonia containing material. Mixing of the sprayed material is advised, as it is necessary that as much of the material is in contact with PGE BIOPROTECTOR.

PGE BIOPROTECTOR reacts spontaneously and converts ammonia to an odourless compound. This blocking is stable and irreversible, but at the same time the nitrogen remains available for the plants.

1 kg of PGE BIOPROTECTOR is able to block approximately 1 litre of a 20 % ammonia solution.


Negative effect of Ammonia and how PGE BIOPROTECTOR can help

Negative effect of ammonia:

  • Ammonia is a toxic gas for animals ( inside and outside of the body ) – the animal needs energy to detoxify the body.

  • An increase by 10% of ammonia in the air in chicken houses will depress body weight by approx. 1%. A slight odour of ammonia reduces body weight by 1–2%. A noticeable eye and nose irritating ammonia level reduces body weight by up to 25%.

  • For layers there is a loss of 1,5 eggs/year/hen for every 10 ppm increase in ammonia. With broilers there is a loss of 15 gr. of live weight gain/bird for every 10 ppm increase in ammonia.

  • Energy is used in converting nitrogen to urea in the liver for excretion and protein is lost in the process. This is affecting production performance.

  • PGE BIOPROTECTOR contains plant extracts that have the ability to bind ammonia