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Dipl. Ing. Gustav Bukowiecki founded the company in Linz, Austria in 1945. Following university graduation, his son, Hans, then joined him at the company. During the subsequent years, the enterprise developed into one of Austria's best known privately owned supplier for premium class additives for agricultural and farming industries.

Intensive research and development to ensure the continuous improvement of our products resulted in numerous patents and national awards, as exemplified by the Austrian Quality Seal, the Austrian State Coat-of-Arms and the Austrian Environmental Prize. Our product line for the farming industry ranges from additives for feed and animal husbandry to crops.

In 1990, Dr. Hans Bukowiecki handed over the executive management of the company to his two sons. Today the business is run by the 4th Generation and has transformed into a modern world wide network of distribution marketed under the name PGE: Project Global Enterprise, taking on the challenge of 21 century competition while maintaining its traditional family heritage of providing organic and environmentally friendly products that help to sustain nature.

Guaranteed top quality

We have received awards such as the Austrian Quality Seal, the Austrian State Coat-of-Arms and the Austrian Environmental Prize.

For over 50 years, the company has applied the most stringent benchmarks to both its research and development work and production. The comprehensive surveillance of raw materials and finished products guarantees uniform top quality. PGE also uses the greatest care during raw material selection and demands the same standards from its suppliers. As a consequence, the raw materials employed meet the highest standards.

A further quality assurance control is provided by the ongoing monitoring of company products by AGES (Federal Austrian Agency for Nutritional Safety).

40 years of experience

Natural wisdom has evolved over millions of years. In turn, it is this knowledge that has flowed into the development of PGE's products during the past three decades.

Constant research and development continually enhance company know-how, allowing customers to profit from 30 years of expertise.

Efficiency confirmed by studies

Over the years, respected institutes and well-known research centers have confirmed the effectiveness of PGE's additives. The conclusions contained in their studies show the economical aspects of PGE's products.

Recognized worldwide

The efficiency of PGE's products has resulted in a wealth of satisfied customers around the globe.